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Understanding Laws And Governance.

Living in an environment without rules is very dangerous for human existence. This is because of the selfish nature of man as one person would want to acquire all that they can reach for without caring for what others will feel and left with. Most people would not survive in this state because the dominant ones will always be inflicting some pain on them. In order for everyone to coexist and survive in our society, there needs to be rules that will dictate how people will live.

Man is deemed to have been living in this condition of lawlessness. Man was always greedy and wanted to acquire all that he could get his hands on making others suffer. Other great figures in the society envisioned a world where people lived in harmony. They decided to create an agreement between the people and created rules on how they should live. A decision was reached at that could make people obey a body that would in return guarantee their security. Many people were for this idea and that is how these scholars believe laws came into existence.

A law is a written or unwritten system of rules that is used to govern a particular society or community with the objective of bringing people together and living for the good. For a law to be followed, it need to be attached to a certain figure that will implement it. Laws reminds people how they need to behave when others are around. Laws also act as some guide of behavior. Laws were first brought to curb any form of ill-behavior that individuals are involved in. No one should go against any set rules and regulations but if this is the case, the individual has to undergo punishment.

Laws are usually associated with government and states. Every sector in society has laws and rules that govern them.

Some types of laws include.;

Public law which is the branch of law that dictates the relationship between the people and its government.

Private laws are the kind of laws that dictate how individuals should relate to one another.

Criminal laws is the type of law that ensures all law breakers receive the kind of punishment they require.

Substantive law is the branch of law that defines what is wrong and how to handle a situation and what can be done to avoid the wrong.

Even countries all over the world are governed by a set of rules. This has led to the establishment of an international body like the International Criminal Court that punishes offenders the world over.

A minor law can be tort laws that could fall under people relationship with each other require trained people to help the general public understand.

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