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The Characteristics of CDPAP.

This is a program by Medicaid which helps the consumers who are registered under CDPAP to take own initiative in making sure that the take care of their health personally. CDPAP program was developed to help the people who are undergoing the conditions such as chronic diseases or who are disabled so as they can receive care form skilled professional or caregivers.

The following are the features of CDPAP. A person receiving the services of CDPAP is referred to as a consumer because he or she is the one that is responsible for determining and implementing the care for his or herself.

The consumer is responsible for his or her care and how it will be administered. Under the CDPAP a registered consumer is responsible to hire and pay the caregiver who he or she wants.

As a consumer you are the only one who can make the decision to fire the caregiver for any reason or time that you may feel is right. The consumer is the only one that is given the burden to take care of any emergency or any problem that might arise.
A registered consumer can look for any person to be a caregiver even if it is a relative as long as the consumer have the trust in the person. Unlike many other care providers and home care providers who are well trained , under the CDPAP the caregivers are not required to be trained or have any certification of caregivers as they can be trained by the consumer himself if they need to.

Under CDPAP the consumer has the freedom to choose any caregiver of his or her choice either a friend, a family member, a close friend any person that they can trust or feel free to have their services. It is important to note that for a consumer who is registered under the CDPAP it is against the rules to hire any caregiver who is a legal responsible adult such as a spouse or a parents.

As a consumer who is registered under the CDPAP, you can be able to get a caregiver still through the caregiver licensed agency where the caregiver that you will get will help you in all the responsibilities that you will direct him or her.

The designated representative can be given a job to take the responsibility of the recipient in the event that the recipient is unable to take of his or herself. You should know that it is mandatory that the designated representative gets accepted by the social services.
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