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Brett Favre Football Jerseys – Another All-Time Record

In his 17 years in the NFL, Brett Favre has broken a lot of records, including most touchdown passes, most passing yards, most passing attempts, most passing completions, most wins by a starting quarterback, most consecutive starts, and most NFL MVP awards, just to name a few.

But, Brett Favre has broken yet another record – one that seems to have flown under the radar, for the most part. This was a record that he broke OFF the field.

League officials from the NFL have announced that Brett Favre football jerseys are now the all-time best selling jerseys in the history of the game. More #4 Brett Favre football jerseys have been sold than any other jersey for any player, including NFL greats such as Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino, or Johnny Unitas.

What makes this record even more amazing is that Favre managed to break this record while playing in the NFL’s smallest market. It could be said that football jersey sales are the greatest measure of fan popularity, because fans vote for their favorites with their wallets. In any case, this record is certainly evident of the fact that Brett Favre’s appeal is wide-spread among the NFL fan base. He couldn’t have set the all-time jersey sales record by only selling jerseys in Green Bay. It just isn’t big enough, even with multiple jerseys being purchased by the same person.

That’s right – many fans own several Brett Favre football jerseys, as there are many to pick from. There are home jerseys, away jerseys, throwback jerseys, pro-bowl jerseys, game-used jerseys, autographed jerseys, youth jerseys, women’s jerseys, pink jerseys, and yellow sparkle jerseys. There are even Brett Favre football jerseys for your dog and your baby, so no one feels left out.

You may get left out, though, if you don’t act fast. According to Reebok, the official outfitter of the NFL, Brett Favre football jerseys are so popular that they are selling at a 96% increase over the 2006 numbers. By comparison, Peyton Manning’s jersey sales were up 29% and Tom Brady’s were up 57% over the same period of time.