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Discover LSP for an Introduction to Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for a broad range of reasons, but they have received the most attention for stress relief and relaxation. Research has verified these effects for certain oils, and some of these natural substances also show promise as complementary therapy for injuries and illnesses. Anyone who wants to learn about which oils are recommended for these purposes can check out Discover LSP, the website for Life Science Publishers.

Types of Use

Massage therapists may include certain essential oil fragrances in the solutions they use for rubbing muscles and helping clients feel better after a long work week. People like to use devices that heat these oils and allow the aroma to drift throughout a room or several rooms. They also might add a few drops of their favorite scent to bathwater before they begin an enjoyable soak in the tub.

Essential Oils for Health Conditions

Although aromatherapy and topical application has not been shown to cure painful disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, these strategies do help reduce pain for many individuals. Some essential oils have strong anti-inflammatory properties, while with others, it may be the relaxing effects they have that are so beneficial for minimizing discomfort and other symptoms. For topical use, most of these oils should be diluted with a seed or nut oil so they are not so intense.

Most essential oil products are not intended to be taken orally, but peppermint oil capsules approved for oral consumption appear beneficial for reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. This aggravating disorder causes frequent abdominal pain, gas and bloating. People with IBS may experience frequent constipation or diarrhea, or alternating episodes of these conditions.

Essential Oils in Commercial Health Products

In regard to the use of essential oils for their healing properties, many people are skeptical. Nevertheless, they may be at least somewhat familiar with the concept without even realizing it. For instance, they may have used commercial brand-name cough drops or nasal decongestant containing eucalyptus, which is helpful for respiratory illnesses like colds and bronchitis. They may have applied a product containing tea tree oil to cure a case of athlete’s foot.