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Mueller Knee Sleeves: A Preventative and a Treatment for Knee Injuries

People do not need to be athletes to suddenly experience a painful and frustrating knee injury. Turning too quickly can damage the ACL, a slip while climbing the stairs may cause the kneecap to suffer, or too many hours cycling around town could lead to bursitis. It is important to treat injuries to the knee quickly and correctly in order to reduce the length of time it takes for a complete recovery.

Start With Prevention

It is always better to learn about preventive measures before an injury takes place. Proactive individuals usually experience fewer problems and have faster recovery periods. The best chance for good knee health includes maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening the knees and legs through exercise, and being cautious when lifting and climbing. Always stretch before starting any activity, and always wear knee protection when participating in athletic events that involve running, climbing or jumping, and turning.

Treat Injury Immediately

When a knee injury takes place, it is important to start first aid as soon as possible. Ice the injured area to prevent or reduce swelling. Ice should be left on the knee for about 20 minutes at a time every two to three hours. Do this step consistently over the next 48 hours. Use compression braces like Mueller knee sleeves to improve the blood circulation needed for healing and to keep the knee comfortable. Avoid putting pressure on the knee for a few days, keep the leg elevated, and take anti-inflammatory pain medication.

Keep Knees Protected

Re-injury is always possible even after the knee has healed. Perform knee and leg-strengthening exercises like straight leg lifts, step-ups, and leg presses. Continue to wear compression sleeves to strengthen and protect the knee during activity. Avoid any activities that cause pain, and talk to a doctor about any lingering discomfort.

The knees are subjected to a lot of abuse in everyday life. Overextending the knees, lifting too much weight, or even poor posture are all ways that people increase the risk of re-injury. Avoid these types of mistakes and take proper measures if an injury occurs so it is easier and more comfortable to live an active life.